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Guitar Pick Silicone Mold
Guitar Pick Silicone Mold

Guitar Pick Silicone Mold

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This mold comes in 1 part to make picks for strumming string instruments, such as guitar, bass and more.

2.8cm tall, 3cm wide at widest point

For UV resin and epoxy resin

Made in Japan
Material: Silicone

Tips for maintaining life of silicone molds:

- Demold as soon as the resin is cured to help the mold last longer
- Always apply a mold release agent and let it sit on the mold for 20 to 30 minutes before putting resin into the mold
- After demolding, gently wipe the silicone mold surface that was in contact with resin previously using alcohol tissue so that there is no residual resin or paint
- Store it at room temperature away from sunlight (sunlight can break down silicone overtime)
- Avoid using a torch or fire over the resin (some people do this to remove surface bubbles) as the high temperature of a direct flame may break down the silicone
- UV-resin is preferred to epoxy as the curing time is shorter
- We highly recommend using an industrial mold release agent
- Avoid leaving resin inside the mold for too long as it will naturally degrade the silicone, especially if paint is added into the mix