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Miniature 2D Dog / Puppy Motif Silicone Mold

Miniature 2D Dog / Puppy Motif Silicone Mold

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Woof! This mold makes dog / puppy head charms of 6 different sizes with a keyhole.
Mold is made from high quality silicon. It can be used with UV resin, polymer clay, air dry resin clay, silver clay. It is highly durable and stays in shape after many uses.

Mold Size:
30 x 38 mm (1.18 x 1.49 inches)
24 x 30 mm (0.944 x 1.18 inches)
20 x 25 mm (0.78 x 0.98 inches)
16 x 20 mm (0.63 x 0.78 inches)
14 x 16 mm (0.55 x 0.63 inches)
12 x 13 mm (0.47 x 0.511 inches)

Origin: Japan
Material: Silicone

Recommended to apply a thin layer of baby oil or mold oil so that your clay pops out easily.