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Hollow Square Box (S) Silicone Mold
Hollow Square Box (S) Silicone Mold

Hollow Square Box (S) Silicone Mold

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This mold makes hollow boxes! Since it is hollow inside, so you can place pretty glitter or small objects to make your craft unique! Use UV resin to make perfect looking clear hollow square boxes. Add a ribbon to make it look like a gift box :)

S size Mold Size (3 sizes in one mold):
14 x H7 mm (0.55 x 0.27 inches)
12 x H6 mm (0.47 x 0.23 inches)
10 x H5 mm (0.39 x 0.19 inches)

Material: High quality silicone with oil-release feature (Unique to Japanese made molds by Clay Jewelry Line and Floree)
Made in Japan
Original Floree mold
Oven-safe up to 180 ° C

Compatible with:
UV resin, Epoxy two part resin, air dry polymer clay, oven-type polymer clay, resin clay (Grace clay, modena clay and cosmos clay), lightweight clay (Hearty, Angel, etc), Silver and gold clay

*Visit our FAQ to learn more about oil-bleed silicone molds

For CLAY: Recommended to apply a thin layer of baby oil or mold oil so that your clay pops out easily.
For UV Resin / Epoxy: After 20 to 30 uses, please use mold release agent with the mold to help preserve the lifespan of the mold.