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Minaiture Steak Hot Plate Silicone Mold (S / M size)

Minaiture Steak Hot Plate Silicone Mold (S / M size)

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This mold makes miniature hot plates of 2 size (S and M size).
Perfect for miniature steaks made using polymer clay!

Size of completed hot plates:

M hot plate
Base: 30 × 22 (1.18" x 0.86")
Plate: 25 × 18 (0.98" x 0.70")

S hot plate:
Base: 20 × 15 (0.79" x 0.59")
Plate: 17 × 13 (0.67" x 0.51")

Base and plate must be assembled to complete the hot plate.


Material: High quality silicone with oil-release feature (Unique to Japanese made molds by Clay Jewelry Line and Floree)
Made in Japan
Original Floree mold
Oven-safe up to 180 ° C

Compatible with:
UV resin, Epoxy two part resin, air dry polymer clay, oven-type polymer clay, resin clay (Grace clay, modena clay and cosmos clay), lightweight clay (Hearty, Angel, etc), Silver and gold clay

About oil-bleed type silicone mold:
A unique feature in original Clay Jewelry Line molds made in Japan uses oil-bleed silicone technology. The silicone releases oil on its own acting as a mold release agent to protect the mold and prevent resin from sticking to the mold, maintaining the mold's lifespan through self-lubrication. It is perfectly normal for the mold to feel slightly lubricated when you receive it.

For CLAY: Recommended to apply a thin layer of baby oil or mold oil so that your clay pops out easily.
For UV Resin / Epoxy: After 20 to 30 uses, please use mold release agent with the mold to help maintain mold in good condition.